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SHARE FOR SHANNON >> PAY IT FORWARD campaign was created to honor Shannon Heil in a way she would naturally do herself. By being creative. By doing something random and by giving back to others. On June 26th the Pay It Forward Facebook page was launched and as by Monday July 7th there were just 200 or so "likes" of the page. On July 11th, Shannon's brothers and I served breakfast to all of the first responders of the local police, fire, rescue and state police in recognition of their efforts on Shannon's behalf. 
The local (Burrillville) police department issued a press release to the media that week and we had all of the local news channels there filming the ceremony. With the local coverage the page grew to over 2,300 likes and people are sharing for Shannon across the country and throughout the world (news). That's pretty FIERCE!!
Curious to see where people are Sharing for
Shannon we inserted a IP tracking pixel into the website. We are blessed to discover that there are people around the globe who know who an 18 year old from Woonsocket, RI was and that they were
also blessing others in her memory! LEARN MORE
When we started the Share For Shannon / Pay It Forward campaign it was designed for family and friends to refocus our hearts away from sadness and to rediret that energy onto something positive. To take a tragic moment and turn it into something amazing.
In 2016 we wanted to create something that was sustainable and have the ability to grow over time. The idea of the FIECEMOB came about when we saw over 18,000 people, in one week, view a video we produced from a Twitter post Shannon made about eternal life. It opened our eyes to the potential of reaching a great number of people, at one time, all across the globe. Loosely based on the idea of a Flash Mob, people are invited to go into their local communities and restaurants at 12 noon on July 11th and Pay It Forward. 
the coupon was created to start telling Shannon's story and why you are Paying It Forward for them. It is meant to be handed to the person or persons you are blessing. There is no redeemable value at the location you are at, it is purely a way to communicate why you are Paying It Forward and for whom. 
The hope is one day we will be sitting in a drive-thru or having dinner and someone will hand us a ripped, crinkled, taped together coupon and say.. we are Sharing For Shannon.  That would mean that coupon came full cirlcle – back to us. And if that coupon was tattered condition, it would mean that it had been through a lot of people's hands and blessed a great number of people!!
Now that is what FIERCE is all about!!
Inspire and Invest in humanity. 

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