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The Fierce For Shannon Foundation provides scholarships to high school students, but does so in a way that’s very different from most scholarship-granting organizations. We don’t use an application process, it’s done through relationships. The way Shannon built relationships. We find individuals who are nominated by teachers, counselors and staff. We look for those “bubble” students. The ones with unrealized potential. Young people who could use a boost of confidence to help them succeed. [READ MORE]

needs based grants

We also award needs-based grants to the general population, given to people with the greatness need in those moments that can make the greatest impact. A seen, heard and felt moment in time. Moments driven by the heart… Shannon’s heart. Moments like this… Upon hearing a family struggle at an airport to make numerous connections for their large group, we picked up their dinner tab to make their travel just a little less complicated. A simple act. An act that on its surface isn’t all that life changing. Until you hear... “I had given up on humanity until you just did that.”

We are a grassroots organization focused on building these kinds of ripples of goodness that start one-on-one where we live and interact, in our local communities. But as ring after ring of goodness reaches out, one building on the next, they will expand beyond our communities to touch the rest of the world.





On the one-year anniversary of Shannon’s accident, we challenged her friends to not hold on to the heaviness of the day, but to take that potentially negative energy and turn it into something positive, something amazing. That day we launched the Pay-It-Forward, Share For Shannon Movement—to refocus our hearts away from sadness and onto doing something positive for someone else. Since that day, Share For Shannon has become a global movement. This is how ripples of goodness are ringing out into the world. [READ MORE]

pay it forward

Share For Shannon

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