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For us: your contribution allows us to plan (finacially) for the coming year.We have some very aggressive goals set for 2021, here are a few:

> Develop and launch new ShareFor website (ask for details)
> Expanded scholarship support with bigger awards

> Expand our Fierce Elf Christmas PayItForward Experience


Your support also allows us to increase the finanical support that we provide to Fuel Fierce Futures, young individuals who are starting their college or business careers. The check writing ability of the foundation is a valuable first step.


For you as the donor: you are contributing into a recognized 501(c)3 organization. 100% of your contributions are tax-deductible, so if you are looking at some significant income liabilities for 2021, your donation can will help you for the present 2021 tax year. We have no overhead to speak of, other than the expenses of running the road race.



Our corporate position is founded in Shannon's spirit of giving. It's what she did each and every day and what the foundation will continue to do in her memory. Our by-laws and corporate structure deters anyone associated with the foundation from EVER gaining any financial income from the foundation. So 100% of your contributions are invested into that promise. 

We Fuel Fierce

We Fuel Fierce

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